European Pass

For securing and developing your business abroad


Looking to centralise the factoring solutions of your European subsidiaries?

Eurofactor, the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand specialised in factoring, offers the European Pass solution for MSEs(1) and major European companies with subsidiaries in France and any of the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

Optimise the management of your group cash-flow with a European solution 

With European Pass, you benefit from a European solution for centralising and managing the cash-flow of your group, with a single programme for all your subsidiaries.


Our services include:

  • financing of your invoices issued by your subsidiaries
  • cover against the risk of insolvency of your debtors(2) (optional)
  • management of accounts receivable for your subsidiaries (optional)
  • consolidated accounts reporting


Custom financing

You choose the most suitable structure for your needs: central financing within your Group’s main entity or local financing for each of your subsidiaries.

We finance the accounts receivable of your subsidiaries, in the invoice currency.


One contract

A single European contract that meets the legal and regulatory requirements specific to each entity of your group is set up.

With centralised management of your contract in France, you have access to a single dedicated point of contact who will manage the day-to-day domestic and export operations of your subsidiaries.


A management tool

You have access to an online management tool where you can view detailed accounts and consolidated reporting.

Your subsidiaries can benefit from reporting for their operations.


Optimised management

By choosing European Pass, you are securing your accounts receivable while simplifying the management of your contracts.

Eurofactor online réduit


  Access the online area at Eurofactor Online or via your dedicated mobile app.



(1) Minimum overall turnover threshold of €30M

(2) Unpaid debts due to debtors’ court-ordered insolvency



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