Looking to optimise the financing of your operating cycle in France or abroad? Factoring is a solution for short-term financing and for managing your accounts receivable that adapts to the cycle of your business and ensure its growth and development.


What is factoring with CAL&F?

We finance and secure your activity.

As a major factoring player for the past 50 years, we offer you highly efficient solutions for financing the operating cycle of companies, from VSEs(1) to major groups, not to mention professionals and international MSEs(2), for ad hoc or ongoing needs.

Flexible and modular, our factoring solutions include the guarantee, financing and collection of debt. They secure companies’ accounts receivable and optimise financing costs.

We offer you lasting support, in all your phases of development, including for companies and start-ups that are still being created or growing internationally.


How does it work exactly?

You submit your customer invoices online and you receive financing without having to wait for their due date.

If you wish, you can let us handle the management of your accounts receivable: dunning, in both the amicable and the litigious phase, and collecting your invoices.

You can also keep accounts receivable management at your discretion and uphold transaction confidentiality with regard to your debtors.

You benefit from business information about your customers, and you can receive full cover against credit risk(4), should they become insolvent.


Who is it for?

Factoring is aimed at professionals, farmers and companies, from VSEs(1) to major international groups as well as MSEs(2), with a BtoB customer base in France or internationally.


Why choose factoring?

  • You finance the operating cycle of your business
  • You protect your business against payment risk(4)
  • You support all the stages of your business by securing your cash flow
  • You optimise your time so you can focus on your core business
  • You benefit from expertise in receivables management


(1) VSE: very small enterprise (or microenterprise)

(2) MSE: medium-sized enterprise

(3) Subject to compliant invoices and contractual conditions

(4) Unpaid debts due to a debtor’s court-ordered insolvency




Affacturage export : témoignage de CEE R.Schisler

David Schisler, président de CEE R.Schisler, a choisi l’affacturage export pour accompagner le développement de son entreprise en Europe.

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