Board of directors

  • Jean-Jacques Calcat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées Regional Bank
  • Yves-Marie Gayet, Head of International Trade and Transaction Banking (ITB) CA-CIB
  • Selma Drissi, Head of Strategy at Crédit Agricole S.A.
  • Chantal Debost, Chairman of the Crédit Agricole Centre-France Regional Bank
  • Olivier Constantin, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine Regional Bank
  • Dominique Piot, Network Director of Mediterranee
  • Stéphane Priami, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole S.A. in charge of Specialised Financial Services and Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance
  • Richard Laborie, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Centre Ouest Regional Bank


General Management Committee

Hervé Varillon

Hervé Varillon, Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

Hervé Varillon began his career at Deloitte as an auditor, then at Peat Marwick as a consultant.

After spending seven years in different market activity subsidiaries of BNP Paribas Group, he then joined Crédit Agricole Group and the leasing profession in 2003. He became Head of Finance of Crédit Agricole Leasing in 2005, and of Eurofactor in 2009. The same year, he was appointed as Head of Finance, IT and Organization of Leasing and Factoring business lines. In 2013, he became Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations of Crédit Agricole Leasing and Factoring. In 2015, he was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Development of the same entity.

Since 2016, Hervé Varillon was Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Operations at Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France. He took up his duties as CEO of Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring on 4 May 2020.

He is a former student of EM Lyon Business School and he holds a degree in chartered accounting.



Nomination Hervé Leroux

Hervé Leroux, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Development France, Mobility & Leasing partnerships

After 8 years spent in the SOVAC / CREDIPAR group where he worked as a sales representative in the leasing sector and then branch manager, he joined the BNP Paribas Group in 1995 within BNP Paribas Lease Group where he held the position of Commercial Director Automotive and Leisure. In 2002, he became Marketing and Sales Director of Cetelem Automobile.

Hervé Leroux then joined Crédit Agricole Leasing in 2005 as Sales and Marketing Director for short business lines. In 2008, he joined Crédit Agricole SA as Director of Corporate, Institutional and Public Sector for Crédit Agricole Regional Banks.

His mission was to support business development in these segments in order to forge partnerships and commercial relationships with institutional and major clients. In 2010, he simultaneously became Head of Wealth Management, again at Crédit Agricole SA, where he was in charge of developing the Wealth Management business.

Since May 2015, he had been Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Val de France before taking on his current role. Hervé Leroux holds a Master's degree in Economics (Paris XIII).



Frédéric Madalle

Frédéric Madalle, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of  International development and Factoring

Frédéric Madalle has spent his entire career at Crédit Agricole. Starting at the Crédit Agricole South-East division in 1987, he continued his career at Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence and then Crédit Agricole Quercy Rouergue, occupying various positions within the Finance division up to that of Head of Finance and the Corporate Market from 1997 to 2002.

In 2002, he joined Crédit Agricole Île-de-France, where he was successively Regional Head of Sales, Head of Commitments and Risk Management, and then Head of Marketing and Communication.

In 2007, he was appointed as Deputy CEO of the Toulouse 31 Regional Bank, before joining Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services in 2009 as Deputy CEO. From 2012, he became CEO of Nexecur, stemming from regional company CTCAM, whose transformation he steered to make it a rapidly expanding national company recognised for its quality of service before taking on his current role.


Eugenie Aurange

Eugénie Aurange, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Resources & Performance

After spending 6 years in a consultancy firm, Eugénie joined Crédit Agricole Group in 2006 at the Aquitaine Regional Bank, where she held various support and sales positions for almost 8 years. Eugénie joined CAL&F in January 2014 as Director of Market Development and Communications.

In 2019, she became Director of Management, Recommercialisation and Commitments before being appointed Director of Human Resources for the CAL&F Group in September 2021. At the same time, she also took on responsibility for Transformation as Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Since the beginning of January 2023, Eugénie had been leading the implementation of CAL&F's new organisation as Deputy to the Managing Director in charge of Transformation & Chief of Staff to the Managing Director before taking on her current role.


  • Olivier Valles, Head of Societal, Marketing, Communication
  • Thomas Gitareau, Head of Sales for France based Networks
  • Gladys Teale-Moulines, Head of Factoring Customer Relations
  • Christine Saunier, Head of Controls, Compliance and Risk
  • Clément Dudouet, Head of Information Systems and Digitalization
  • Véronique Rigal-Antonic, Head of Operations, Legal and Litigation
  • Rémi Raso, Head of Human Relations
  • François-Xavier Lucht, Head of Transformation, Data and Performance
  • Currently Being Recruited, Head of Mobility Program and Leasing Partnership
  • Valérie Philippe, Head of Finance
  • Arnaud Collomb, Chief Executive Officer of Olinn
  • Eric Vallimamode, general manager Global Servicing Activities
  • Jens Hoter, general manager CAL&F Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Martin Stange, general manager Crédit Agricole Leasing Germany
  • Radoslaw Woźniak, general manager EFL Leasing Poland
  • Vincenza Ricca, general manager Eurofactor Italy
  • José Pacheco, general manager CAL&F Spain and CAL&F Portugal


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