Equipment leasing

Take advantage of lease payments adapted to suit your activity, while optimising your tax arrangements and preserving your debt capacity.


Need to invest? 

We finance your professional development projects. As a specialist in industrial and collective equipment and property investment projects, we offer financing solutions tailored to all economic players.

Aimed at companies, local authorities, professionals and farmers, our leasing solutions help maintain your financial balance and your debt capacity while optimising your tax arrangements.

As an expert in our customers’ equipment and business sectors, we offer a consulting and analysis service for the risks involved in project financing, as well as tools that facilitate the establishment and management of leasing contracts.


What is equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing allows you to acquire or renew your professional equipment or materials. We purchase the asset you need, and we lease it to you for a fixed period. At the end of the contract, you may become the owner of the asset at the agreed price, after having made all the lease payments, or return it if you do not wish to exercise the call option.

Your tax arrangements are optimised with lease payments which are in principle fully deductible, and your costs are tailored with lease payments established based on the equipment’s lifespan, its usage and compliance with the operating cycle.


Why choose leasing?

  • Finance your projects in full(1)
  • Gain access to a flexible solution tailored to your activity
  • Preserve your debt capacity
  • Optimise your tax arrangements
  • Protect your assets with customised insurance 


(1) according to the leasing solution



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