Balance top-up

For financing your accounts receivable confidentially


Looking to finance your accounts receivable but retain control of management?

Eurofactor, the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand specialised in factoring, offers the balance top-up solution for major groups and MSEs(1) with structured organisation for accounts receivable management.

Finance your accounts receivable with balance top-up 

With the balance top-up solution from Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, you can finance your customer balance while retaining control of your business relationship and complete management of your accounts receivable.


Our services include:

  • financing of your customer balance in France and internationally
  • cover against the risk of insolvency(2) of your customers (optional)


Fast, easy financing

You mass-assign your customer balance to us via an electronic file, and you are financed the balance within 24 hours(3).

Your financing will progress to suit your turnover and change based on your customer balance.


Controlled management

With our balance top-up solution, you continue to manage all your accounts receivable: dunning and collection, payment allocation, payment receipt.


Secure transactions

We inform you about the financial health of your prospects and you are 100% covered(4) against the risk of insolvency(2) of your customers.

We guarantee you transaction confidentiality with regard to your business partners through the use of a dedicated bank account.


How does the balance top-up work?

1. You issue your invoices.

2. You mass-assign your accounts receivable to CAL&F.

3. CAL&F guarantees the invoices and finances the balance.

4. You handle dunning and collection yourself.

5. Your customers pay what they owe into a dedicated bank account.




(1) Minimum threshold of €12M in turnover

(2) Court-ordered

(3) Subject to invoice compliance and compliance with contractual conditions

(4) Up to the agreed cover



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