Eurofactor Pro factoring

For long-term optimisation of your cash-flow


Are you a professional with a customer base of private or public companies?

Are you looking for fast, simple financing to meet your recurring cash-flow needs?

Have you just started your business, are you invoicing based on work status, and is part of your customer base in the European Union?


Eurofactor, the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand specialised in factoring, offers its Eurofactor Pro factoring solution.

With Eurofactor Pro factoring, you can finance your recurring cash-flow needs the easy way.


Our services include:

  • financing of your invoices issued to your customers in Europe
  • collection of your debts and management of your incoming payments
  • cover against the risk of insolvency(1) of your debtors


Fast, easy-to-manage financing

You can start assigning your first invoices as soon as the contract is signed. You manage your financing requests based on your needs; you benefit from financing(2) within 24 hours(3), and it evolves with your turnover.




You manage your contract 24/7 online on Eurofactor Online site or via the Eurofactor Online mobile app.



You receive support throughout the contract from dedicated points of contact. An SMS alert service notifies you of any events regarding your contract.


Transparent, customised pricing

A single monthly service fee covers all the services offered (financing, guarantee, collection and receipt of invoice payments) and is proportionate to the amount incl. tax of your invoices assigned during the calendar month(4).

Advantage for business creators(5): a lower minimum annual commission in the first year(4).


Secure business activity

With Eurofactor Pro factoring, you are securing your activity and limiting the risk of unpaid debts.

We handle amicable dunning to identify any potential disputes as quickly as possible and reduce late payments. We inform you about the financial health of your prospects and you are 100% covered(6) against the risk of insolvency(1) of your debtors.

By letting us handle the management of all or part of your accounts receivable, you save time so you can focus on developing your business.

How does Eurofactor Pro factoring work?

  1. Your customer places an order. You perform the service and invoice your customer.
  2. You assign your invoice to us. We finance it and cover you in the event that your customer defaults.
  3. We take care of collecting the payment of your invoice.


(1) Court-ordered

(2) Up to the available balance in the current account

(3) Subject to invoice compliance and compliance with contractual conditions

(4) Minimum annual flat-rate commission of €3,000 excl. tax (limited to €1,800 excl. tax in the 1st year for business creators)

(5) Offer reserved for any company with a legal existence under French law, registered for less than two years in the SIRENE register maintained by the INSEE and therefore having a SIREN number

(6) Up to the agreed cover




Découvrez la solution d'affacturage Eurofactor Pro

Découvrez Eurofactor Pro, une solution d’affacturage simple et transparente pour les professionnels et TPE. Vous souhaitez déléguer la gestion de votre poste client de manière régulière ? Nous finançons vos factures sous 24h !

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