Full service factoring

For financing your everyday cash-flow needs and optimising the management of your accounts receivable


Is your customer base made up of professionals, companies or public bodies?

Eurofactor, the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand specialised in factoring, offers full service factoring for companies, from SMEs to major groups as well as MSEs, whose customers are professionals, companies or public bodies.

Finance your recurring OPEX needs with full service factoring

With full service factoring (or full factoring) by Eurofactor, you can finance your ongoing OPEX needs on a daily basis.


Our services include:

  •  financing of your invoices issued to your customers located in France and internationally
  •  collection of your receivables and management of your accounts receivable
  • cover against the risk of insolvency(1) of your customers (optional)

We can also operate via an insurance delegation policy. 


Fast, easy-to-manage financing

You manage your financing requests based on your needs, and we finance your invoices within 24 hours(2).




You manage your contract 24/7 online on Eurofactor Online site or via your dedicated mobile app



An SMS alert service notifies you of any events regarding your contract.


Secure accounts receivable

With full service factoring, you secure your commercial transactions and reduce the risk of unpaid debts.

We inform you about the financial health of your prospects and you are 100% covered(3) against the risk of insolvency(1) of your customers.


Optimised workload

By letting us handle the full management of your accounts receivable (dunning, payments, collection), you can cut down on your administrative tasks and save time, so you can focus on your core business.

By choosing full service factoring, you are reducing your structural costs and optimising your short-term financing costs, while benefiting from faster rotation of your customer cycle.


How does full service factoring work?

  1. Your customer places an order. You perform the service and invoice your customer. 
  2. You assign your invoice to us. We finance it within 24 hours(2) and cover you in the event of insolvency(1) of your customer. 
  3. We take care of collecting the payment of your invoice.



(1) Court-ordered

(2) Subject to invoice compliance and compliance with contractual conditions

(3) Up to the agreed approvals




What is factoring ?

Factoring enables professionals and companies to receive payment for their customer invoices without needing to wait until the payment-due date, while also protecting them from non-payment. You’ll find a simple explanation of how it works and its many benefits in this video.

Do you have any questions?

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