International Factoring Pass

To optimise the short-term financing of your international developmentTo optimise the short-term financing of your international development


Do you want to centralise the factoring solutions of your group's subsidiaries?

Eurofactor, Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring's specialised factoring brand, offers the International Factoring Pass solution to intermediate-sized companies (ISE) or large companies belonging to a group with an international dimension(1) that has at least one subsidiary in one of the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Other subsidiaries can be located in up to 20 different countries in Europe, North America or Oceania. 


Adopt a unique solution with the advantages of local proximity.

With International Factoring Pass, you get a solution to centralise and manage your group's cash flow, with a single program for all your subsidiaries.

Our services include :

  • Financing of your subsidiaries' invoices,
  • Guarantee against the risk of insolvency of debtors (optional),
  • Management of your subsidiaries' accounts receivable (optional),
  • Consolidated reporting of accounts.


A centralised coordination and a local relationship

You choose the entity of your group that coordinates and pilots the factoring program and you benefit from a dedicated local contact.

You benefit from a single international financing program that meets the local legal and regulatory requirements of each subsidiary in your group.

You choose the terms of intervention adapted to each subsidiary and our multilingual international team manages their receivables on a daily basis.  


Customised financing

You choose the cash management solution best suited to your needs: centralised financing for one of your group's core entities or local financing for each of your subsidiaries.

We finance your invoices in euros or local currencies. 


Consolidated reporting

You have a web-based management tool that allows you to carry out your transactions in secure mode.

consolidated report on the financing and management of your group's receivables is available, as well as a local report on operations for each subsidiary.


(1) Intervention threshold: 20 M€ of annual turnover transferred out of a minimum turnover of 30 M€.



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