Reverse factoring

For leveraging your account payables in France and in Europe


Looking to establish a special partnership with your suppliers?

Eurofactor, the Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand specialised in factoring, offers reverse factoring(1) for companies — MSEs and large companies — looking to develop loyalty from their suppliers.

Finance your suppliers with reverse factoring!

With reverse factoring from Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring, you can finance your suppliers and subcontractors by paying them in cash.


Fast, easy financing

We sign a simplified factoring agreement with your suppliers and we pay their invoices within 24 hours(2).

On the due date, you are debited the amount of the invoices.


Improved margins

By paying your suppliers in cash, you benefit from the discount provided for in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

You optimise your profitability without harming your cash-flow.


Special relationships

Through the advance payment of invoices, you improve your business relationships and secure your supplies, as well as developing the loyalty of your suppliers and subcontractors.

You contribute to the growth of your company and the sustainability of your suppliers.


How does reverse factoring work?

  1. CAL&F signs a simplified factoring agreement with your supplier.
  2. Your supplier sends you its invoice.
  3. You pass on the invoice to CAL&F, which validates it.
  4. CAL&F pays your supplier the invoice amount.
  5. You pay CAL&F the invoice amount on the due date.


(1) Reverse factoring, also known as supply chain financing

(2) Subject to invoice compliance and compliance with contractual conditions



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