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Equipment lease

A comprehensive leasing range

Crédit Agricole Leasing offers customers of Crédit Agricole’s regional banks lease financing for equipment and property.

Whether you are a self-employed professional, an artisan, a farmer or a representative of a VSE(1), SME(2), MSE(3) or a major international group, whatever your sector (agriculture, services, industry, transport, etc.), our services allow you to invest while maintaining your financial balance.

A range of leasing-related services

Our extended product range helps us adapt to the specific characteristics of the equipment to be financed and incorporate services (insurance, service management outsourcing, etc.), thus offering you a global solution.

The network of regional banks, together with our experts, has offices throughout France and internationally to provide you with support.

(1) VSE: very small enterprise (or microenterprise)

(2) SME: small or medium-sized enterprise

(3) MSE: medium-sized enterprise


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