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Etica is the Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring brand dedicated to IT operational leasing (IOL)

A comprehensive IT operational leasing range

Etica offers you financing for your professional hardware so you can deal with the issue of equipment obsolescence and technological changes. We support you throughout your entire IT equipment project, from hardware to software and additional services.

Etica - LOI

A variety of IOL-related services

You choose your supplier, your integrator, your hardware and your software. Etica can also offer you fully independent technical and economic advice.

Since the IT budget is among the highest for a company, Etica offers you a set of services which help provide more accurate analytics and cost control:

  • online asset management with Etic'Asset©
  • IT equipment performance analysis
  • financial management of your rollouts
  • specific computer hardware insurance: all IT risks policy
  • recovery and resale of equipment both during and on expiry of the contract; equipment buyback

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